MOLLE Gas Mask Pouches


I've gone back to using a leg bag for 90% of the time. I have it set up to be quick on/off so I don't have to carry it continuously. I still keep a pouch on my back to stash it in though just in case we have to do a large area search or something in the woods.

I've also considered front mounting it over my dick flap to keep the profile slick but I keep coming around to not wanting extra layers under me in case I go prone.
Niche application since my primary use for my mask is in LL riot control:

Leg bag strong side as to not interfere with my baton. EDIT -- Upon some Amazon searching it appears to be an MSS Black Nylon "Drop Leg" Gas Mask pouch. If I was running a handgun or other lethal magazine-fed weapon with no baton - say for fugitive recovery - I'd run it support side. Slightly more intuitive for me.

A big thank you to all who took the time to reply and post pics! I tried my mask in my NVG pouch and it fits,so, I have one on the way from ebay. I will probably keep the pouch on the rear of my plate carrier though, just for an option.
I primarily keep my mask in my small lbt assault pack that houses my nods, some water/snacks, etc etc... and rides in whatever vehicle I happen to be in. (LE tactical team). If I know we are going gas and I have to venture away from the vehicles and keep the mask on my person I throw it in my dump pouch. Super hasty scenarios if I am using a lo pro belt with no dump pouch I will clip the harness straps to a carabiner on the belt.
RDR gear recently released their modular gas mask pouch. Might be something worth checking out.

"The Modular Gas Mask Bag is a dedicated Avon PC50, C50, FM54, FM 12 mask bag. With vertical and horizontal laser cut laminate back panel users are able to attach the bag with the use 3 mallic clips to the high back, low back, vertical leg shroud,(Leg Strap not included) or use as a dangler. (Available attachment points will vary on the outer vest design)"

Ambidextrous draw for left or right hand deployment
Top and bottom load
Laser cut molle/Velcro front panel
Velcro badge/patch panel
8" zipper pull
4 way stretch canister pocket
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 8 1/2
Includes 3 5" Mallic Clips

Oak City Tactics

Here is how I run mine on the back of a Mayflower/VS LPAAC. I’ve used malice clips from Tactical Tailor, a male and female 1” Fastex buckle (original style is best), and the Tactical Tailor padded Molle mask carrier. Our TTP is that masks are carried in the van absent some specific intelligence on search warrants. For any other deployment guys arrive in their assigned vehicles and kit up out of those. On a barricade the mask is added to the vest as I kit out. I could sit in the van with it mounted but we just aren’t deploying that way for a barricade. We only use the van for search warrants. I can easily take the Avon off or attach it while wearing the vest. I can also stow or deploy it from the pouch myself.


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Oak City Tactics

The female ends are attached to the Molle via Malice clips under that 10Speed pouch and the male end is run through the malice clip on the mask pouch. I have identical female buckles on my PC as well so the pouch can be used on both.