Modifying the Jpc

I am a huge fan of the crye JPC 1.0. I like how minimal it is with the features it offers. That being said it has been brought to my attention that the shoulder straps are a big weak point. My buddy had his shoulder strap tear off during a casualty scenario. Any idea on how to prevent this from happening?


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Did he reach out to Crye? Seems like something they would warranty. Also, as process of elimination, is he sure got a legit JPC and not a knockoff? The repros are getting too good.


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This happened across the board when the AVS system came out initially. They recalled them all to have bartacks added for the shoulder straps. With the JPC having the rubber/plastic/whatever material it almost looks like the sewing acted more like a perforation that led to the tear. Additional stitching would have to be added in a way to preserve the integrity of the shoulder strap material without making a perfectly straight shear line.

That said, contact Crye.