Models 36 and 60

Matt Landfair

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Essentially, the Model 36 and Model 60 are the same in function both being five shot .38 Special da/sa round butt revolvers- other than slight differences to include blued steel v stainless.

The Model 36 (blued steel) is a 1960s manufacture. The original rounded grip with wood panels (as shown) is tiny and the newly added BK grip adapter helps the overall profile.

The Model 60 is a 1980s manufacture. It came used with a one piece Hogue grip that wasn't the best. I had a spare set of stock panels from a 442 that seem to be a better option (as shown).

Ammunition that meets the needed penetration through these provides a viable, small, light, compact defensive option.

Due to the exposed hammer, these won't be used as pocket guns or other carry methods where snagging that hammer can be problematic. My hammerless revolvers work better for roles that need less snag.

If you haven't used revolvers much, these provide a good starting point that won't break the bank if you shop around. .38 Special ammo is appearing on store shelves too.

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And these are steel frame vs the more modern alloy(642, 340, etc) so you don’t beat your hand up from the recoil as much.