Medics: First Line Belt Kit?


Running late myself... but a few things

NAR makes the IPOK, it's small, lightweight, and fairly inexpensive. If you're not a medic, I would push you to have a "buddy aid" kit, meaning, a kit your buddy (or a medic) can use on you. With my shooting group, trying to get people to go out and spend money on something necessary is exceptionally difficult, even though we've done a lot of night shoots, people would still show up with no weapon light. The IPOK has kinda become the go-to: It's unitary (Just buy this), it's inexpensive (~$50), it has most of what you need.

To borrow something from what @Post Car wrote... Airways. The NPAs for whatever reason are fairly pricey, but OPAs are much cheaper. Since you need to have the correct "size" for the person it's being used on, I would just buy the large selection of OPAs, and when we'd do a medical day, anyone who didn't have one, could just grab one out of the box and rubber-band it to their IPOK/Kit whatever they had.

I also usually keep a larger FAK on hand, this has the more basic stuff... asprin, advil, bandaids, creams, icepacks etc. The worse we've had to deal with was a minor twisted ankle.


I would advise against “Medic” kit on the first line. A TQ and maybe a small IFAK similar to the Eleven 10 MBOK or the variation from BFG worn by the individual is ideal. Make the guys you’re responsible for carry their own kit and make them train with it. The Medic should carry the equipment in the Medic’s scope of practice in a small backpack or mounted on the front of their ballistic carrier.

Experience has taught me that as the Medic I need to PCC/PCI IFAKS otherwise iPods, tobacco products, and pogey bait end up in them.


I recently added the Coyote tactical solution Burrito the my belt found here They make a bigger version but I found it felt like too much stuff on my belt. In addition I'm not Mil or LE, I just want to be prepared especially when I go out and train.
It's contents are:
Compact chest seal(pair)
Combat gauze
Non latex gloves
4" flat emergancy trauma dressing
Compressed gauze

I don't have a tone of training so I'm hesitant to carry too much stuff beyond my scope but I feel this is at least an okay basic personal kit.



I'm currently revamping my whole setup, but so far I am to the following point

Hsgi battle belt
Soe tear away IFAK
- 4"OALES bandage flat packed
- CG
Handcuff pouch
Two pistol mags

Will look to add limited items. My follow on plan is to equip my vest with my CUF airway and another bleeder kit.