Medical Provider Roll Call


Network Support I
I completed my sectors EMT-B course recently and am now a NREMT-B. I have no prior experience in the field and am looking forward to picking everyone's brain on how to better my care and skillset.
Currently taking EMT-B Courses. Clinicals start in January. Will be taking Registry Exam first or second week of March 2019.

Consider this my place holder until then.
Hey folks, can't remember if I introduced myself or not..... prior guard 68W, current TECC/TCCC instructor. Full time gig is a trooper/flight paramedic in my agencies aviation command. NRP/CCEMTP and the associated alphabet certs. Currently studying for FP-C.
Emt b. Working for a private company in an urban area. We do a healthy mix of emergency contracts and inter facility transports. I’ll be going for medic after I’m finished with school and possibly an rn bridge program after that.

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