Medical Provider Roll Call

Firefighter/EMT with a large Florida department, just finished my rookie year back in Nov. I'm waiting to find out if I'll be starting medic school in the Summer or the Fall.

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I am not currently licensed but I spent 5 years as an EMT/FF. Still try to maintain skills by focusing on med classes when I can afford to. I'd still be in EMS but as a volunteer I ran 6 days a week, usually 24 hours a day in a county that covered just under 450 square miles. Burnout was, and still is from what I hear, fast and effective.
EMT-Basic for 39 years, Spent 6 years as Paramedic at Wishard Ambulance in Indianapolis, IN. Currently Telemetry Tech at Long Term Acute Care facility in Greenfield, also assisting with EMT Practicals at Pelham Training in Bloomington, IN.
I am a Paramedic and was a 68W for 10 years, with combat tours as a medic to AFG and Iraq (Was 11B for 12 years with combat tours in AFG and Iraq as a weapons squad leader with the 82nd ABN DIV). TC3 instructor at the Ft Bragg MSTC on the green side and as a civilian.
EMT-Ambulance in '84, Paramedic in '87. 9 yrs urban knife and gun club w/ 2 yrs flying rotor there. Moved for FT flight gig in New England - 9 yrs there as well as TEMS XO for a multijurisdictional tactical team. Adjunct Instructor at the State Police Academy teaching medical and street survival. Backcountry EMS before working a counter-narcotics contract in AFG. Came back and went FT LEO and Entry guy on a different multijurisdictional tactical team. Blew out my knee, retired from LE, moved back to NH. Currently working in the ER enjoying the climate-controlled atmosphere.
Got the news yesterday; I passed my exam and earned my EMT cert. Next stop'll be FD or PD, whoever takes me first.

In the meantime, I'll be providing the finer tactical points of transporting dialysis patients and changing stretcher sheets.
If anyone's interested.