Medical classes/ training for civilians

Anyone know of classes, training opportunities, or other opportunities for a civilian to learn how to treat a GSW or other trauma?

I'm a first responder on my company's fire/medical/HAZMAT response team so I have basic medical training, but not a lot. Also our local volunteer FD has opportunites but impossible with my work schedule. It makes sense to me if someone is CCW, they should know basics on how to fight while wounded or treat a GSW. If there are training classes on fighting with a pistol or carbine, why not the medical side? Any ideas?

M Atwood

There's a whole subset of the industry that delivers gunshot and trauma classes for Civilians...

At the most accessible, Wilderness First Responder classes often get more into actual trauma management than typical urban first aid/first responder courses do. Most WFR/WEMS courses are pretty fucking gun-phobic though, like a lot of the civilian training thats available through usual channels, and are sometimes woefully behind the curve on things like Tourniquets, Hemostatics, Wound Packing, etc.
But there are companies that provide training directly aimed at the CCW/civilian interested in penetrating trauma/GSW/etc. Off the top of my head there is my outfit (BFE Labs, We don't have anything scheduled right now, but we're always happy to explore bringing a class to your location); Kerry Davis/Dark Angel Medical; Caleb Causey/Lone Star Medics - Those are both folks I have experience with, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. I have not trained with, but know some of the guys from RskTkr and would happily jump into one of their med classes too:
A lot of general training outfits also do medical classes, TDI Ohio and Insights Training Center both come to mind as ones I've heard positives about their med classes. SigSauer Academy teaches a couple different medical classes. There are many resources for civilians to pick up these skills, if you look around.