Mec-Gar 18 rounders or M9A3 17 rounders


OEM Beretta M9A3 for sure. I've had follower binding on the MecGars way too often to use them for anything but training or competition.


No experience on the Mec-Gar 18 rounders...but the OEM Beretta 17 rounders (also made by Mec-Gar) have been flawless for me. They are my go to mag.


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I shot a season with an LTT and the mecgars worked on par with the older standard 15 rounders that came with the gun. I carried with those mags too, they were very reliable for me. The PVD coated M9A3 and USMC sand mags are genuinely my favorite handgun mags. If I could have that mag in all of my pistols I would. Stupid reliable and durable. One of the few things I didn't see a Marine find a way to wreck the shit out of.


I don't have a bunch of time with them, but I do prefer the 18 round Mec-Gars. They've been solid for me and work well. I have 0 experience with the 17 round M9A3 mags.