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300 yard facility, 10 lanes of turners, mover (working on figuring out a steel mover), 30 ft tower, safety area, shade structure, and actual climate controlled bathrooms (multi-stall). Currently 10 lanes worth of MGM B/C zone steel with the ability to switch those to 4-8 in plates. Also baseline ability/items to set up a USPSA stage. Two plate racks and misc poppers etc along with a swinger target. Turners are controlled via an app that will let you set whole second presentation times and the app will control the mover and range lights. Multiple VTAC barricades and blue barrels onsite.

Classroom facility onsite has a 973 sq ft classroom with sturdy walls (1/2 plywood base), ultra short throw projector, TV's mounted on side walls slaved to projector, electrical in floor, and ability to seat up to 30 people comfortably with table space. Men's and Women's bathrooms (multi-stall) and a full kitchen. Baseline armorer table with basic tools and a vice in mechanical room and a Bear Safe in the office for overnight storage of items if needed (note a separate waiver applies to this). Virtual range still on the list but not done yet for this.

Training facility only, not open to the public. I host a range of instructors coming in for intermediate to advanced classes. This facility is designed to be able to host not just firearms (competition, tactical, civilian defense) but also medical, mindset, and combatives. I (owner) have a background in LE and USMC and instructor certs from Rangemaster (Master Instructor pistol and Defensive Shotgun) and of course some of the NRA certs.

Our website has an interactive map with directions and local hotels if you click on the Location link.
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