Matching lower to upper

I recently traded my Ruger SP101 for a Wilson Combat complete upper on a home built Roggio Lower. This lower is garbage and I know it, however I would love some advice on any suggestions for a lower that I can trust as this will be my home/farm defense rifle. Preferably looking to purchase a quality complete lower.
There are a bunch of quality lowers out there but I would recommend:
Aero Precision
Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT)
Knight's Armament (KAC)
Sons of Liberty Gunworks (SOLGW)
Bravo Company (BCM)
Grey Ghost Precision
I know these all have good reputations but I'm mostly worried about it matching up well with my upper, id love a BCM if I could guarantee that when paired with my upper it would work.
As long as your upper and lower are both mil-spec they should mate up fine. Some lowers are held to tighter than mil-spec tolerances (i.e. GGP, SOLGW) and will generally have a more snug fit to an upper. The Aero Precision lowers also come with a small polymer tipped set screw to take out some of the "wobble" if there is any. Keep in mind that most "wobble" won't be noticeable once you have a loaded mag inserted and won't impact function of your rifle.

Also, here's an informative link from AR Build Junkie: