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So, some of you may have read that I had some issues after the Norwegian Foot March. Without getting too into too much detail, I had weak unused muscles pulling my hips out of pelvic alignment which...was very painful. After well over half a year of following a stretching routine from a very good sports medical facility/Physical therapy facility I still was not getting the muscles relaxed at the deeper muscles portions. I couldn't push myself like before and my progress was weak, though positive.

But I found a solution that does more in 115 minutes than 1-2 hours of stretching throughout a day.

In steps Massage Gun ads on YouTube everywhere. Without getting into too much detail, most of the marketed ones are sub par. If you read online some of the warranties are unfulfilled, the electric motors are sub par: prone to smell, burn up and just break. Most are priced at well over $100, the better ones north of $200. So, I wanted to turn a jig-saw into one.

The jig-saw from Worx that I used:
The adapter head that I used:
And I nabbed this massage head set:

For $110 on Amazon prime(price may be different now), I had this working in 10 minutes with a known warranty and a much more durable electric motor. If you already have a jig saw, even better. I really like the Worx one because the battery is great and the head articulates. I don't always need the vertical position, but it's nice when I do. I wouldn't advise using a different adapter as this one is much stronger(by appearances and some reviews) than the other ones. In addition, it comes with a small metal head.

For the Massage Gun heads, I would strongly urge you to be careful of your bones. Don't use this on your groin muscles too close to your groin. That's with any of these massage guns. I don't use the large balls, really just the metal bit and the larger, polymer, flat head. The metal bit gets into your deeper muscles, say your Glutes or Hamstrings. The flat head I use on my IT bands and other muscles.

I can't stress this enough, this is extremely effective. I haven't been completely pain free in several months, until I got this 2 weeks ago. Just be careful not to hit any of your bones. If you're unsure of the anatomy of an area where you have pain, pull up some images prior to turning the machine on. Using this by yourself or with a partner as you do the routine set by a physical therapist is a quick way to maximize your return.
The Hitachi Hand Massager does the same thing for about $50, altho your wife may steal it from you.

The HyperVolt is designed specifically for sports massage. It has a rechargeable battery. I had a back spasm for about 35 years. Yes, 35. I leaned into my HyperVolt for about 10 minutes and it felt better. The next day, the spasm relaxed and I fell on the floor in agony. The muscle had adapted to being in spasm and it took three days before I could walk upright. Many sports teams have one per player. It's that good. About $350 most places and well worth the price.
https://hyperice <<DOT>> com/hypervolt



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I'm not saying the above don't work. What I will say is the Worx or similar industrial tools have much more durable electrical components and a longer running battery iirc. The hypervolt just doesn't make sense when that option exists at $110-$30. Hypervolt and similar work, but most people have problems after a year. Many have problems with the motor going out in less than 2 months. For less than half the cost, those issues can be avoided. The only negatives are, in some ways positives:

1. You can't set it and have it stay on. The worx and related require the trigger remain depressed. I prefer this for safety, but I'm using this next to some of my bones and stuff.
2. It's a little heavier. Well, it's a stronger design.
3. The handle isn't as ergonomic. Fair point.

I guess, perhaps that $50 one would be ok, but I'm not trying to use a device that uses a combination lock wheel as the adjustment device. Let alone the rest of the components. Just seems to be a clue that it might not be well made. If that's all someone can afford, sure I guess.