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Moving to Maryland somewhere around April. 28 old years 3 years in the Firearms industry with two years managing a range. Done both the Pro Shop sales side as well as the range side and happy with either. I come from a more affluent area where my range and shop are located so well-versed on what works what doesn't and not into selling / pushing derp. 1 1/2 years is a handgun instructor and six months is a rifle instructor. NRA certified with multiple outside classes with some great instructors.

Looking for jobs in the Firearms industry either with a local shop / range or any manufacturers. Any links tips or leads would be appreciated. Feel free to p.m. for resume and references.

Thank you

Also any advice on getting a Maryland CHL would be dope. Lot of seems to be outdated information on the web.

Derek Kuleta

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Employment in the firearms industry may allow you to obtain a concealed carry permit. It may be limited to work-related duties so I would talk with your employer to make your job description as complete as possible. For instance, if you are expected to transport firearms to and from the shop after hours or respond to open the shop for law enforcement after alarm activations, this should be mentioned in the application.

I am told the MSP licensing people are pretty reasonable.