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Manufacturer Gas Port Dimensions

Discussion in 'Rifle Assembly' started by Jackrabbit, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. chrischris

    chrischris Amateur

    Correct. I have a hard time believing it, even though the representative said he confirmed it by measuring twice.
  2. Wallace

    Wallace Newbie

    So the rep literally measured one of their barrels right then?

    If so, I wonder if he used calipers or a pin/dowel gauge. If calipers, I could see that not being entirely accurate simply because of how small a gas port it. What weight buffer do you run? Also, any suppressed shooting?
  3. chrischris

    chrischris Amateur

    I run an H buffer unsuppressed.

    And I just reviewed the email and he did say he used calipers.
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  4. R.Neville

    R.Neville Newbie

    Really hard to believe. Overgassed barrels are awfully hard on the system, let alone with ports this gigantic
  5. chrischris

    chrischris Amateur

    Yes, I agree. I think my posts serve as a good example of skewed data due to improper measurment...
  6. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    Apparently, Daniel Defense has changed their new manufacture MK18s from 0.081" to 0.072".
  7. Jackrabbit

    Jackrabbit Member

    Sure, just give credit where it's due
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  8. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    Working off of Jackrabbit's data, and utilizing the information in this thread, I've started this:

    If y'all have any more information, please submit it here; it'll auto-populate onto the previous spreadsheet, though the formatting might be off, but I'll clean it up periodically:
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  9. vicious_cb

    vicious_cb Newbie

    I called up Daniel Defense to ask their gas port sizes for 14.5" carbine length gas systems. The tech said they were .067" across the board. I thought DD was following mil-spec gas port sizing for 14.5 and 16 carbine length gas systems? Since when did they start opening up their gas ports for the dirt clod shooting crowd.
  10. Ragnar

    Ragnar Newbie

    My Bravo Company BFH 11.5 barrel has a gas port size of .076
  11. 2000XJclassic

    2000XJclassic Newbie

    My BCM BFH lightweight 16 inch midlength has a gas port size of .076 measured with pin gauges.
  12. Shinck82

    Shinck82 Newbie

    Ballistic Advantage 13.7” hanson profile carbine gas, weapon outfitters marked. .059” port measured with pin gauges by SOLGW

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