Man Trailing App

I wanted to pass this app along to help out documenting tracks. It is on iPhones (I would think other devices as well) and easy to use. The paid version is less than $10/yr. That version gives you the ability to follow and overlay a track. Plus print it out. Your track layer can download the free version and send you the track/trail for free. The app tracks time set to time run, distance, weather, deviation from the track, time to run the track and several other pieces of info. We use a Bluetooth printer to print and add to training books. I don't have any connection to the app. I just think it is a good product.

Just a quick info drop. Let me know if you have questions.
Sorry been off P&S for a bit. I hope you found it. I just typed in mantrailing and it came right up. The top of the logo is yellow with silhouette of a BH on lead under that is a green bar that says mantrailing in it and the bottom is aqua.