Make your stock Glock rock


I ended up buying a OEM trigger and a Lone Wolf "-" connector from Lone Wolf Dist. I just installed them today and haven't been to the range to test them, but so far everything works as it should in dry fire, and the trigger breaks more cleanly than with the Gen 4 factory trigger bar.

Now, does anyone know of anywhere that sells Factory G17 threaded barrels?


Only mods I ever made on my two Gen 3's (a 19 & 17) was to polish the trigger parts... put a 17 smooth trigger in the 19, added a Ghost Dis connector and sights.
I would never shoot up to a level where I would notice a difference with a KKK barrel,etc. As I suspect most shooters would not.
I find the more I shoot, the better I get....;)
Anyone have an educated opinion/insight about replacing the recoil rod with a steel or tungsten one? This may be as hotly debated as the grip plug.

+1 for any opinions/insight on aftermarket barrels. Seems Kyle Defoor likes KKM
Another option that seems popular is Zev (Frank Proctor likes to run Zev barrels in his Glocks). Nevertheless, I am interested in hearing other opinions.

Also, looking for opinions/insight on magwells. Looking for info/reviews on the Agency Arms magwell in particular. I know the magwell by Sentinel Design is popular and well designed, but I was looking to run aftermarket baseplates (Vickers or 10-8) and it looks like that is a no-go for the Sentinel one. The other option right now is the one by SAI/VTAC. Thanks!

I've been toying with the idea of a KKM barrel.
Adding a grip plug allows a sealed up spare battery and Allen key for your RMR to be kept on board with your Glock of choice. I can even get an Allen key for my micro comp in there as well. Also has benefits for magazine changes as already mentioned.