Make your stock Glock rock

There is definately something to be said for the polishing of the trigger parts. I have done this to all my Glocks since I went to my first armorers course in 2004 and they told me not to...:rolleyes: As long as you are patient and careful to avoid changing any of the angles on any of the parts you'll be good to go.
Any thoughts on grip plugs and any recommendations? (not sure if this a good place but wanted to avoid making a whole new thread)


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A buddy had a Gen3 19 and had the plug in it. Gun ran great. He got a Gen 4, had the ATOM slide work done. Shot it a bit then he put the grip plug in without shooting it afterwards. Shot it, continual problems with slide not locking back on empty mags. He took the plug off, gun ran fine after that.


I have put the Sentinel Designs magwell on my Duty Gen3 G22 and force fit it on a Gen4 22. Would rather have that and the ease of low light reloads being sped up thanks to it instead of the limited advantage of the plug. I also test fire before carrying with any new accessory.
I have had the rim of a cartridge hang up on the flat blackstrap area lip on my 19 during reloads. When I installed the grip plug that went away.

I removed material from the same place on a 17 and put a sentinel magwell on it and like that quit a bit.

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It's always interesting to me to see how much dust collects in the backstrap channel of some peoples Glocks, be they cop or citizen. Just makes me wonder how well they maintain their equipment.


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Steve, that is like cleaning the inside of the pistol grip on an M4. No one cares about it because it has no bearing on the function of the weapon; the only time that area gets cleaned is when you have to because the armorer won't take it back and you want to go home instead of argue.

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I've been issued a G22 at 3 different facilities. Two had the grip plug. One allowed me to switch out the standard plug for the extended.
The extended one really helped my reloads, and i use it in my personal 19, my personal 22 has Clints magwell.
I never saw an issue caused by the grip plug.

At the site that ddidn't use or allow the plug, I did see problems. Reloads aside, we would run o courses or other training that got us in the dirt. The open backstrap would scoope up enough crude to cause the trigger to either lock up, or become very difficult to manipulate....worse then the usual shitty pull produced by the "+" connector.
+1 for any opinions/insight on aftermarket barrels. Seems Kyle Defoor likes KKM
Another option that seems popular is Zev (Frank Proctor likes to run Zev barrels in his Glocks). Nevertheless, I am interested in hearing other opinions.

Also, looking for opinions/insight on magwells. Looking for info/reviews on the Agency Arms magwell in particular. I know the magwell by Sentinel Design is popular and well designed, but I was looking to run aftermarket baseplates (Vickers or 10-8) and it looks like that is a no-go for the Sentinel one. The other option right now is the one by SAI/VTAC. Thanks!