Maintenance schedule for a Glock 19/34/20


After listening to modcast 239. I have some question about glock maintenance and lubing.

I shooting the G34 the most, its my CO USPSA gun. I fire about 500 to 750 rounds a month. For cleaning, every other month, I can the gun with brake cleaner, run a few patches down the bore. I'm using CLP for lube, lube per the manual after cleaning and before every live fire session. I change the recoil spring every 5K, the other springs at 10K or yearly, the extractor get changed at 10K.

I clean and lube the G19 and G20 about once a year, don't really put more then a couple thousand round a year through them. I change the springs and extractor at 10K, recoil at 5K.
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