Magpul x Maztech X4 System

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From Duane Liptak

So, lots of questions, I’m sure. First, both Magpul and Maztech were independently working on rounds remaining technology. We ran into each other during this, and realized that our core competencies were complimentary. So we teamed up. Who is Maztech? You don’t know them, but you know their products. Their technology has been incorporated into cutting edge military sensor suites for decades.

What’s it do? Part of it is the rounds remaining system. 100% accurate indication of rounds remaining in the current magazine and on your body. Magazines can be powered (all mag functions are automatic) or unpowered. (Exactly the same function in the gun, but individual mag contents and aggregates are more of a manual process.) The current mag total, including chamber contents, can be displayed on a small discrete display, piped into an optic (or an optic enabler mount like the X4 cradle), or pipes into everything from Bluetooth to military datalink systems.

You don’t need to know rounds remaining? You’re a pro and can tell when you’re getting empty? OK. Sure. But this keeps track of everything on your body, can indicate to small unit leaders what his element’s status is during consolidation, and can be viewed by the TOC in real time, so if you’re in a TIC, the battle captain can see if you’re getting past yellow on ammo, and send a speedball before you know you need it.

The optic mount uses your low powered variable of choice, 30 or 34mm, and pipes in the rounds remaining information, as we all as provides a ground stabilized ballistics solution if you enter range. (You can cant the gun up to 90 degrees and the ballistic aiming reference, adjusted for changes in line of bore and line of barrel relationships, dangles on a vertical line) Oh, and the system can associate a different ammo type with different magazines…so, you’re shooting subs—you get that ballistic solution. Switch to supers? It gives you the ballistic info for the last sub that’s still in your barrel, then switches to the supers as soon as you pull the trigger. Same with 855A1 and 70TSX or whatever flavors you want to party mix. There is a hot shoe that will allow you to add the Maztech range finder and then do all this automatically. There will also be a see-through, shoot through mini thermal clip-on accessory.

Anyway, we’ve been working on this for a few years. This is a technology demonstrator, and we will be developing both military and civilian products from this suite.

Cost? Less than you think. The X4 optic mount plus a low powered variable of high quality will be about a third of what anything comparable costs. The range finder add on won’t be terribly expensive. The thermal won’t be cheap, but will be downright reasonable.

The rounds remaining system itself will be relatively inexpensive for what it is. Yes, mags will likely be 2x or 3x more expensive as “dumb” magazines, but that will come down with volume, and all your existing mags will still function, just without the info.

The bottom line is that we didn’t talk about this, besides to military customers, until now because we needed to get costs down and iron out the wrinkles, and we’re there now. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see as a commercial offering from this suite.



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Since not much information was available in that video, I have no idea about what ideas have already been brainstormed. So for what it's worth, these are the things that pop into my head.

When I see this, the first idea that comes to mind is having an onboard mounting option for 45 degree offset RDS. I am sure that many people would like to have an all-in-one option reminiscent of the Badger Ordnance C.O.M.M. system. The mockup in the video looks long and space-consuming. Yeah, I know that area of rail behind the unit looks big enough for existing solutions, but I like options.

The second thing I can think of is, "what type of pistol grips will be available?" I immediately what to have this in the K2 option. Certainly, other people would like most likely want to use other grips as well. So I can't actually recall how many models of grip Magpul makes. It would be nice to have some options here as well (although that may not be feasible).

Third, I think we'd all like options for the most common height mounts. To my mind that is self-explanatory. There are so many different guns I want to try this on. I can't wait to see what the first offerings will be.

The last thing that tickled my brain was that look at possible reticle overlay. Sure, there are a ton of things that you introduce, ad nauseam. Space being limited, the only one that I'll propose is having an indicator for the degree of cant. There are so many things I thought of when I viewed that segment. Most of them make sense in a military context. Things like a temperature indicator, an angle cosine indicator, etc. yadda yadda.

I'm trying to not get lost in the weeds here. So I'll leave it at that. Just the two cents of a nobody who did his time in the Army and developed a life-long love of shooting.