Machinegun theory and lOI

Im a weapons squad leader in the MA national guard, along with being my company's Unit Marksmanship Coordinator. Annual Training is comming up and I was informed today by my CO that i can run a machinegun course for our 240b teams. 1 day classroom, 2 days range. And he doesnt want qualifications, he wants good training. Uknown ammo available (as of now) but it will be a decent amount possible alot.

I have many ideas in my mind but im looking for some help. Im looking to see if anyone has any machinegun theory powepoints and if anyone has any LOI's for some good courses of fire. Thanks for any help
Listened to the mod cast twice and took notes. Like i said i got tons of ideas but dont want to reinvent the wheel. And was hopping someone has some powerpoints, (like from MGLC or something they did). I will do it myself but if i could save some time and work by working off one already made that be awesome. As for the book, i been useing it. I made a decent field sized Gunteam/ MG theory Tacsop for my guys, useing the new one, ranger hb, 3-21, USMC machinegun book, and 7-8. I think it came out real good. And more then happy to share it with anyone.
And that mod cast was good. I thought i was pretty shit hot with the MG and then relized i deffenitly got more to work on. Agreed with most of the stuff said and just wish i was their doing the live chat to adk questions.

Matt Landfair

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I have learned there are some universal truths and reemphasizing them is rarely a bad idea. Reinventing the wheel may not be needed.

Figure out your objective. What specific lessons do you want learned or reinforced. Create a lesson plan based on drills which reinforce or teach the skillsets that bring students to the objective.
I know the VA National Guard RTI ha developed a Machine Gun Leader Course. We're sending some soldiers next month, I'll see if I can get my hand on the POI.
I will quote a Great Man and General.... " We must never forget, that the military purpose of war is to achieve control over land and the people who live on it. The ultimate measure of the control which has been attained is the area dominated by the infantryman with the fire of his individual weapon. In the final analysis, the success with which that domination is established, maintained and extended depends in large part on the soldier's mastery of his rifle." General Lyman L. Lemnitzer

So GILevi, I argue the Machine Gun and its Theory are also paramount. I expect pushing MG Theory on your Reserve Unit will be difficult. But the Juice is worth the SQUEEZE.
For the non shooting day I would do some theory then crew drills.

Range days be sure not to skip over zeros. Have TLs spotting and giving commands to gunners.