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M600 vs x300u on patrol rifle

Discussion in 'NVG, Lights, & Lasers' started by KLarson, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. KLarson

    KLarson Newbie

    I am curious if there is a reason to go either way for my patrol rifle. It seems the x300u is the way to go on the surface but I would love to hear what the experts have to say before I make a purchase.

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  2. Arete

    Arete Member

    I had a lot of WLND's when using X300s on carbines. The switch is just too exposed.

    The Unity Tactical EXO would appear to be solution (I've not tried one myself), although it's currently not available in a version for the X300-U (B).
  3. Beat Trash

    Beat Trash Newbie

    I use the Surefire M600 scout on mine. A bit more of a narrow beam with longer throw. I used to use the M300, but I need the throw when trying to put through ambient light such as a parking lot, and still getting inside of a car so as to ID a threat.

    Agency owned rifles have been switched over to Surefire X300U B's. They are much improved over what used to be on the gun, But the switch is difficult to use compared to the M600. And I don't like the throw for getting inside of target vehicles from a position of cover, compared to my M600.
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  4. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    I found the x300u's dont have sufficient throw for a rifle light. The geometry of the reflector is just not right.
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  5. tact

    tact Regular Member

    For pretty much the very same reasons already stated I reserve certain lights for pistols (x300) and others for rifles (scout, fury, etc,).
  6. RangerRed

    RangerRed Newbie

    The latch for the battery cap on the X300U is relatively fragile and prone to breaking if you use the battery cap with the remote plug and you run the light at the 3/9 on a rail like the KAC URX 3.1 or the Geissele MK4. The remote cap ends up exposed and the latch will break with only minor bumping. It's less of an issue with full pic rail or if you run the light at the 12.

    I personally prefer the M600 scout over the X300U for long guns, mainly because I prefer the switchology of the scout to the X-series and I need to run the light on the 3/9 because I run a PEQ at the 12.
  7. Tropleo

    Tropleo Amateur

    I typically stick to what the lights were intended for when made. Pistol lights for pistols, rifle lights for rifles. The exception being throwing a handheld light like the fury in a ring mount on a rifle because that has been proven to work reliably over many years.
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  8. KLarson

    KLarson Newbie

    Thank you all for the replies. Definitely the information I needed.

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  9. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I have broken a 300u back end when it was mounted on a rifle. For the other reasons listed above, I also am more in favor of a rifle light on a rifle.
  10. CK837

    CK837 Newbie

    My M600 Ultra will be here tomorrow. I'm switching from the X300 for all the reasons listed above. The throw is not as far which is ok indoors typically, but outside it's like I'm using a candle. I have also opened my soft case several times and found the X300 switch is activated and my batteries are dead. Basically it comes down to what the light is designed for in my opinion.
  11. Matt0311

    Matt0311 Member

    Any thoughts on the Streamlight ProTac?
  12. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

  13. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

  14. OK-5-0

    OK-5-0 Amateur

    Had a x300u on my work rifle. Took it immediately off after my first low light/no light work with it. Too many ND's with it and throw was inadequate. Also, it's a pistol light, not really well suited for rifle work when you reach out to a measly 30 yards with your boom stick. Lesson learned and glad I never fielded it.
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  15. Matt0311

    Matt0311 Member

    Thanks Matt.
  16. FATAL

    FATAL Newbie

    We have x300's on all of our patrol rifles, I certainly wouldn't have made the decision to go with that light. They're mounted at the 6 o'clock position with the pressure switch located at the 12 o'clock.

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