LPVO Suggestions

I've immersed myself into trying to figure out what I want to get, while at the same time having a bit of a limited budget. FFP or SFP, 1-6 or 1-8.
I'm planning to shoot my first match in October and the limit on Optic is 8.25x max.
I know by no means am I going to win or even plan to place in the top 50% given my gear and limited places to train shooting 200 yards+, but I want to do it.

With that said, the max range I will be shooting is 600yrds and my budget is around $1k.

Just looking for opinions or suggestions, should I just keep saving until I can afford more of a $2k range optic? I don't know why, but buying used optics scare me(I guess unless they have a warranty that transfers)

Anywhooooooo, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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In the $1k range the Razor is the best optic still IMHO. If you could swing $1550-$1650 you could pick up a showroom demo Swarovski z6i BRT or Kahles k16i 3gr from Eurooptic. Both of those are much lighter than the razor with a bit better FOV/Glass. Reticles are also improved with wind holds which are handy especially shooting out to 500-600 yards.

Corey Barnes

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If you read around on some of the other posts on this subject you’ll basically find the suggestions have not changed. At around the $1k mark your go to is going to become the Vortex Razor. Going up to $2k your go to is going to become the Kahles K16i or if you really want a 1-8x the NX8 until you go up to about the $2500 mark and look at an ATACR.

Choosing between a FFP and a SFP generally comes down to what you will be planning on doing with it. With the easy way it was explained to me is: close range optic that can be pressed for distance to go SFP. An optic that will spend most time shooting distance but could be pressed into up close shooting being FFP. Their is an article one of the guys here typed on the subject which is a good break down that maybe someone can link to as I can’t from my phone.