Looking for SIMPLE Cookbook/Online Reference to eating healthier.



I am looking to better myself and eat more then the same thing every week. Chicken, Pasta, and Microwave can only be so entertaining/healthy. I also don't like to cook. I have a feeling others here who peruse the forums are in a similar situation and this could be a could discussion and reference.

Anyone have a recommendation to a SIMPLE (key word here) cookbook or internet resource?


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What you are asking is kind of like the Armor buying pyramid (Price/Weight/Protection). I hate to be blunt, but if you are really disciplined to eat clean, not wanting to make it boring, but without making it difficult, you might want to reevaluate. Plenty of fighters and athletes commit to the monotony of chicken and broccoli. I suggest starting to just eliminate excess sugar and eating shit food. I also recommend water and black coffee in lieu of anything else. Shop the perimeter of a grocery store and buy real food. Frozen and prepackaged/preserved foods aren't really good for you either. You should build you diet around protein, vegetables and complex carbs (sweet potatoes).

I suggest you determine your Basal Metabolic Rate and how much food you need to consume to achieve your goals. You need to fuel your system appropriately to be able to accomplish your physical fitness goals. You cannot out-train a poor diet. IE overconsumption of fast food and alcohol. You also need to program in enough sleep per day. Most dudes aren't getting it. Evaluate your life and time and determine what is important to you.


I'm not asking for 3 and 4 star meals, just something that might spark, "oh! that's easy, I can do that;" without MRE levels of salt or Julia Child levels of butter (or weird ingredients).

I'm also not trying to science this, looking more at the KISS approach.


Legitimately laughed out loud. As Garand Thumb would call Lucas from T.Rex-Arms: "he's a skinny THOT." That's me. Boneless baked chicken with salt/pepper/olive oil & steamed broccoli (and green beans) has been my go to for most dinners/prepped lunches.

Many Police Officers eat a lot of take-out/fast-food/microwave due to the nature of our shift work/OT. I have all but cut-out fast-food from my diet except on the rare occasion, so I'm ahead of the curve on that front for my profession. Takeout is expensive, but that's not an issue for me as I don't spend my money on anything. Microwave is convenient, also different from chicken/pasta regimen, but it's not exactly what I would call healthy.

It's why I am looking for other options/resources. I also know I'm not the only one looking for simple/easy cooking resources who are indifferent to the deep science of nutrition. I'm finding posts on P/S years old still pertinent to my kit research, thought why not throw my hat into the nutrition question ring.
cliff note edition IMO: get your keto on. kill the carbs, grains, and highly processed oils (canola and vegetable oils). Eat veggies, olive oil, grass fed butter, meats and fats. Fats are good. Grains are bad. Sugars, carbs, grains, and processed foods are the devil. Pasta will get you killed in the streets. Check out the Wheat Belly diet book and lots of other keto style books.