Lighthorse Tactical LLC (AL)


Lighthorse Tactical LLC is a training company focused on the legal application of tactics, techniques and procedures. The proper application of these “TTP’s” is based on the user’s own daily world. What works for a SWAT Team on a hostage situation may not be applicable for a Citizen in a parking deck. Our training is based on relevance and realism.

Our Instructors are active members of the LE/Fire Service/Medical fields. The majority also have a military background that provides them with the capability to conduct training in simplified blocks building towards a skill set goal. Each is also a father, son and brother; bringing respect and courtesy to our students in both attitudes and actions. Our classes range from Basic, Intermediate & Tactical in Handgun, Carbine & Shotgun. We also provide first aid and legal classes.

We conduct Law Enforcement and Citizen classes (most classes are have a "companion" class in both categories). Formed in 2009, we are based in Alabama, with our "home range" being Double Tap Training Grounds in Calera, AL.

We have current driver's licenses and are allowed to leave the state.