Light Mount for Team Wendy Exfil 3.0 with helmet comms


We swapped to Team Wendy Exfil SLs recently and I am in search for a rotating mount for a surefire V1 that is compatible with this thing while using helmet mounted comms. Using Unity MARKs for the comms.

The Thyrm Variarc would be perfect, but helmet mounted comms on a team wendy make it not work.

The Unity Remora is eternally out of stock, perhaps not in production anymore (though the unity website doesn't say so). And doesn't rotate.

The Unity Knuckl isn't compatible with TW

The S&S precision M-Ax appears like it might work but their are so few in circulation I can't find confirmation it will work on the 3.0 rail with comms. And...its significantly more pricey than all the other options.

Velcro seems like a terrible way to keep it on my lid with the small amount of velcro that would actually be in contact given the round flashlight body.

What am I missing?


The echo arms mounts are very solid. I was skeptical at first and spent a bunch of $ on other stuff just to end up with it. I have a costa squid I tether my IR modlite with to make me feel better, but I doubt it's needed.


I have seen those but it doesn't solve my rotation problem, definitely saves money over the S&S option though.


Are you set on having rotation? I run the Umbrella Torch Mount on my SL and am digging it and don’t miss having the ability to push light forward.

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Sorry to revive an old thread.

I am in this same dilema but don't care about rotation if I can mount a princeton tec Charge or Switch MPLS.

Anything new out there?


I ended up ordering an umbrella light mount from Shooters 101 and run a Surefire v1 vampire on it. Zero issues, honestly haven't run into an issue where i wish it rotated. It still exists in my mind but haven't run into it operationally yet.


Any reason why you couldn't move the comms to the rear rail? Would be a bit pricier, but would give you everything you need if you absolutely wanted the ability to pivot with a larger light.

Alternatively, I would be surprised if the MPLS 1913 mount wouldn't fit the front rail section of the Exfil 3.0 Rail.


Sounds like the Kinetic Consulting LALO would do what the OP is looking for...the velcro attachment of the Echo plate with the rotation of the Variarc.

Can confirm that the MPLS with pic mount will work on the TW 3.0 front pic rail.

As much as I like TW, running ear pro/comms in the standard helmet mounted position severely limits useable rail space and utility (even when using something low profile like the Unity MARK kit). Using OpsCore AMP adapters to move the ear pro back on the rail frees up a ton of space for options.