Let’s talk multi-tools.

I went back to the original pst. Slim and simple. And lightweight. I think they made them of better ss back then as it never gets any corrosion, unlike some of the newer Leathermans.
I keep a leatherman MUT in my range bag and I’m amazed how much use it gets. I swapped the punch out for a a smaller glock size. I also wear a leatherman tread. Beyond that I keep a full tool kit in my truck


Too Established

I was rearranging some of my knife storage today and decided to get a group shot of the modest sampling of mutant pliers (and shears) that I own. The Switchplier2.0 is still my EDC, whereas the Powerplay stays in one of the administrative pouches on my Zombie Apocalypse/SHTF/LARPing belt, and the Raptor is in the IFAK on said belt


I've been using a Leatherman skeletool for multiple years now and it's done everything I need it to. Granted, I don't live a life of adventure like some of the people on this forum, but as an EDC it works great. It does 99% of what I need it to do and the flat head screwdriver tip can be pressed into service for prying work you don't want to use your knife tip for in a pinch. The clip still keeps it in place in my pocket and the bottle opener works like a champ.
I've been carrying a Leatherman Juice S2 for years now. I don't use multitools a ton, but I do like having one on me because it comes in handy from time to time. The Juice S2 is lightweight and small enough that it easily fits in my pocket along with the rest of my stuff, so I always have it on me.


I carry the Leatherman MUT full time. In work clothes or my normal person clothes. I also carry the full bit kit in my pocket. Its quite convenient.

Tim Shaffer

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It is hard to believe we have a Multitool thread here and no one has mentioned the Multitasker 3. After I got my first one, I have literally not gone back to any of the myriad of other Multitools that I own from the other names (Gerber, Leatherman, and SOG). The quality of the MT3 is hands down superior to anything else I have used. The fact that it is also weapons centric (but not detracting from overall utility) is just an added bonus.
Constantly locking myself out. Yet I’m never without my knife and tool so that was my solution.