Let’s talk multi-tools.


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Whether I’m carrying another knife or not, a Multitool is a must in my EDC. I’ve been bouncing between a few lately to try to figure out a new flavor, but the Leatherman rev has been my go-to for the past few years. Pocket clip and outside accessible knife are must haves on mine.

I picked up an OHT last week and really like the outside access of everything, completely one-handed operation, and spring assisted pliers. Biggest downfall for me is the lack of ability to add a pocket clip. That one has become my belt rider on shift with the FF. Picking up a Wave tomorrow with a clip and going to test it out for daily carrying.

What’s everyone else run?


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I run a leatherman Juice or Rebar. Mine need to be small enough to fit in a pocket with minimal obstruction, but able to get the job done. I think the rebar has a mod for a pocket clip, but I haven’t done that. Juice is in the pocket always and the Rebar rides with me when I’m doing handyman stuff. I also keep a Gerber Suspension in my shooting bag.
I've been carrying a SOG Baton Q4 for a little over a year now and use it on almost a daily basis. It just lives inside one of my cargo pockets. Having a ratcheting driver and in such a slim profile comes in super handy. All the other tools seem sturdy enough for all the basic work I do to it. The knife is sufficient for knife stuff, but is by no means quick to get to or sufficient for anything defensive.
The only real complaint I have is about the pliers. Any really hard clamping and they sometimes tend to slide shut, but at that point I was probably using them beyond reason. I've used Leatherman and Gerbers and the pliers were a little more stable under hard use.


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When allowed to carry whatever, I have never found anything more useful than the Leatherman Crunch. Vise Grips! And, better machined vise grips than Vise Grips®, so they lock well, never slip off, etc. Have repaired many things with them.

I also followed the firefighter suggestion for vise grips and replaced the dumb thumbscrew with an eyebolt. More torque, with another tool, even more torque, can use as a tool alone, can hang the whole tool from stuff.

When air traveling, and as my ONLY ECD tool (aside from a light) outside the US, I have the Leatherman Style PS (weirdly terrible name). Decent pliers, a good selection of other tools, and scissors! 90% of the day to day use of a knife I can do with scissors. Also slick enough it fits in any pocket, no problem.

Never been seized. Exiting China they took my EMT shears. Entering Mexico they seized a sandwich. But never had this taken. Looked at a lot, but always passes. Sometimes, because another TSO comes by, pulls one out of their pocket so they are 100% sure it's legal :)

I used to carry it on a Grimloc outside my briefcase, so it was easy to find when scanning. But the hook is NOT very strong. The sideplates are thin and brittle so it'll snap at some point when stressed, then you loose the tool.

Also good for travel: It's $26 retail, street price is often less. Not a catastrophe when you do loose, or have it seized.


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Huge fan of the Leatherman Skeletool.

It's small enough that it's hard to justify leaving it behind, and I rarely wish I was carrying a bigger multi-tool.

Since it carries like any other folding knife, there's no need for a belt sheath, and I carry it in lieu of another folding knife often.


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I carry a Leatherman Skeletool. It has pliers, knife blade, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. I have a rev that I pass over each morning as it's just a little too bulky for me. Even though I work in an office I use that thing almost on a daily basis for something or other.

@shoobe01 The eye bolt trick is one I hadn't heard of before but makes a ton of sense. Also, thanks for the heads-up on the Style PS, I'll definitely look into that thing.
I have used a bunch over the years. First was the original Gerber from the first year, worst was the original SOG, Swiss Army wasn’t bad but no scissors. Finally settled on the Wave. I’ve called it the Dad tool for years. I scored a handful of Waves for a steal and bought one for all my vests and PC’s at work. I bought some of those pocket clips and lanyard holes. The pocket clips are really nice and if it breaks just pop another one on there. I lanyarded all the ones onto my vests. It’s nice to have the option to unsnap the lanyard ring. A Micra rides in my pocket everyday. It’s so small and like others have said, it’s the scissors that make it. Second most used part is the screw drivers. RC battery exchanges with that tiny screw are a breeze. The tweezers can be filed down to fill in for a jewelers screw driver too. The SAK is razor sharp but the Leatherman products all seem to remain pretty sharp for years with no touch up. Hard steel and great edge geometry I guess.
I carry a skeletool every day. It's my "socially acceptable knife" along with having a phillips head. Recently started hooking my keys to the carabiner/bottle opener deal. Also have an OHT in my patrol bag that has seen more abuse in 3 years of landscaping than any tool should. My OHT has been thrown, dropped, used as a throw weight for tree work, you name it. I'm a fan.
I don’t know why other than probably because it’s not available anymore (always my luck) but the Emerson Multitasker collaboration has always intrigued me. I wish I had known about them when they were available.
I'm on my third Leatherman Juice Xe6 (I lost the other 2). It's honestly a little chunky for a pocket tool, but if you want something that fits in a pocket and can handle *anything* it's tough to beat.