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LE In-Service/Mandatory Training Questionnaire/Survey

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by voodoo_man, Oct 28, 2017.

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    When you say 'how many "days" ' do you mean each officer must attend this many days of whatever, or we have this many days total overall? Example, for my agency each officer must attend one day of scenario-based training, one day of A/S training/skills development/mini scenarios and one day of full-scale A/S scenarios. So, that's 3 days per-officer, but 2 sessions per subject matter to get the entire department through it... so as a department we offer 6 days of A/S or scenario based training overall.....
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    Thanks for the question, I tried to make it as general as possible as I do not want to pigeon hole any particular state/department/agency/etc.

    So the mandatory number of days each officer is forced to go to training in-service.
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    Next question..... is a "day" only a full shift, or any day they are required to attend training, regardless of the length of the training? We have gone to smaller, more frequent blocks of training (2hrs of DT every month or 1.5 months; pistol, 1hr monthly). So would each short session be a day, or combine them into a "day?"
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    "tour of duty" if that's all you have to do that day then it's a day, if its not then its just a part.

    I'd combine them into "days" if you want to do math but honestly its not serious...
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    Bump - trying to get a few more before I close it up.
  11. Darth Tater

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    Just submitted. Some of the questions didn't quite fit the box of how my agency works. Thanks for the "other" option.
  12. JP^

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    Submitted - great survey, curious about the results
  13. KUTF

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    I filled it out yesterday

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