Larue MBT-2S


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So how good are they? I see other forums comparing them to Geiselle SSA and SSA-E triggers. Larue has them on sale for $99.


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From the Knights and Hodge are imaginary modcast the crew had good things to say bout them Have heard generally good things as well. Not used one personally though so take that for what it is worth. Maybe I need to break down and grab one to replace a trigger in another rig I have.
Could not resist the $99 price. Still waiting, only been 10 days. I'll post an update after it arrives.

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I got one shortly after they were released. It felt pretty similar to my SD-C's but with a slightly crisper break (didn't own an -E for comparison). I preferred the flat face and break of the SD-C and ended up selling the MBT-2S for what I paid. It was nice, though, and if I didn't have 1:1 SD-C's to rifles I would have kept and used it without complaint.


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I have been very happy with mine on my duty Larue rifle. It was a vast improvement over the GI trigger originally in there. smoother and lighter. You know when its going to break.


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I was just going to pass and buy more ammo but I've been convinced it is a good upgrade to my ALG ACT. Thanks for the help.
I've got 4 in my 4 rifles. Was running Spikes battle triggers and ALG (and GI) prior to the Larue.

I like the wide face and clean break. I run the light spring in my SPR and 308, the 14.5 and the 12" 300blk have the heavy springs.

Didn't think I'd want a 2 stage but was part of the BuildAR promotion and now I'm hooked. Can't see paying 2x the price for anything else

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I have two and like them, but the first one I had from three or so years ago, probably their first sale on them, went TU after about 1k rounds. It lost pull weight until it was just over 2 lbs, and if I was applying pressure to the trigger, but decided to let off without firing, the gun would fire.

I haven’t had either of those issues with the newer two, one of which was the replacement that Larue sent for the first one, but they don’t have as many rounds yet. One of them is starting to get close though.

If you pay attention to it, for $100 they’re hard to beat.


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I ordered mine on May 4 and received it today and installed it and I must say I'm very happy. It is a huge improvement over the ALG ACT, which is already decent. Thanks for the help.