Larger Patrol Flashlights


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I've used the stinger HPL as best as i can tell for the last 4 years. For a GP use light, it's solid. Not 3500 lumen, but sufficient for most work. I use an x300U for tactical stuff, the HP for searching, etc and a spare G2 in the bag if it dies.

If the recharging system is the same, the HL has my attention...

Brad Trittipo

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I have the new LED MagLite in my Tahoe.They have three levels of brightness, but they are always on high when you turn them on. It cuts through tint well and has good throw. The body size is between the C and D diameter old MagLites and is the same length as the old rechargeables. Still tough enough to break a window and survive a drop on asphalt but is slightly lighter than the old models. You can still adjust the beam also.

The only change I would make is adding some non-slip material to the body as it can get slick with sweaty or wet hands.