L3 Harris Gen 3 WP, thin filmed or filmless


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I’m try to figure out which be better for me or just better in general. Im looking at buying either the L3 harris gen 3 wp pvs14 from tnvc, my question is is it worth the extra money to go filmless. Now I’m not some door kicker or cop by any means these will primarily be used for hunting at night,me shooting at the range after dark or just navigating around. I live in the middle of nowhere and it’s pretty rual everywhere around me, I just wanna know of it’s worth the extra 500 bucks to go filmless or will i be ok with the thin filmed? Disclaimer i have no real night vision experience (unless you count the spy kids toy i got when i was 6) and this is my first device.


Thin-film and unfilmed don't matter as much as the specs themselves, in this context, given that you can hand-select free of cost from TNVC.

Beyond that, for just bumming around, I highly doubt you'd see any useful difference between good thin film and good unfilmed. This isn't to say there isn't a noticeable difference, but thin-film gen3 will kick ass compared to gen2 in rural areas (in urban areas with more ambient light, the newest gen2 stuff is arguably almost as good), which in turn will kick ass against having to use white light. Since you're not using this every day (night) as a professional, and you don't seem to be using them as astronomy tubes, thin films are more than just fine.

That being said, if you have the disposable income to just buy NODs for the fuck of it, I don't see why you wouldn't just hand-select for awesome unfilmed tubes, just to put any nagging doubts out of your mind. Might as well save for an extra month or two to throw down for the unfilmed, which shouldn't be a big deal if you're gonna be hand-selecting, since you'll be waiting on that, anyway.

Or, if you're totally patient and are cheap as fuck, you could always wait for a rock star thin-film tube to show up for hand-selection, and get specs on par with unfilmed tubes.


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Alright thanks for the input very much appreciated. I think I’m going shoot for the unfilmed just save a little while longer.