KKM Thread protector

So built my Roland a long time ago. Shoots great. I enjoy it. I wanted the ability to remove the comp and light for use in some legacy holsters and on occasions when less is more. I ordered a thread protector from KKM after consulting with them via email about which was the correct model to order. It came in and about 2 months later that time came when less would be more. It doesn’t fit. I’m fairly mechanically savvy. When a thread starts on and stops under a quarter turn that is often a sign of mismatched thread pitch.

I contacted KKM thinking they shipped the incorrect model. They have two that look visually just alike and of course they don’t mark anything. That would really have simplified things. They told me I must have a burr. I need to send them my entire barrel, comp, and protector. That means the gun is down for a couple weeks. Now the comp goes on and off the barrel like butter. Certainly no burr there. I’ve looked under a magnifier at the protector and see no thread burr.

KKM says send it all back or send us the part and get your money back. I asked if I could send it back and get another one. Again it’s clear there’s nothing wrong with the barrel. They said no. It was rather curt. I was not expecting or happy with that CS.
I don't use a thread protector at all on my G19 carry gun. It's been carried for 7 or 8 years now that way (granted, with a couple different threaded barrels), and gets used for training, GSSF matches, and just lots of shooting, never had an issue. Sure in a serious fight a thread might get dinged or even dent the barrel, but at that point it doesn't matter much.
My OCD would go into overdrive. It was frustrating that the part is fairly expensive for what it is, the shipping cost half again the cost, yet it doesn’t work and the remedy is kinda crappy. I’ve not had that experience in a long time.