KKM Comp issues at 15K

Over the last two years I’ve shot just over 15,000 rounds through a Gen 3 Glock 19 KKM barrel/comp and have run into a couple issues.

First the barrel shoots groups as tight as ever however the point of impact has dramatically shifted left over time. When it was new the dot was approximately co witnessed with the iron sights. Now the dot is farther left than the left rear iron sight.

Cleaning the barrel doesn’t change this. Nor does cleaning the comp.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Second is reliability. My first malfunction was experienced at 8700 rounds. At 9000 rounds after its fifth failure to eject it went in for its first cleaning. It was another 3000 rounds before the malfunctions returned. Then it seemed to have issues if I didn’t give it attention every 500. Today, after a thorough cleaning the night before I experienced nine malfunctions.

What do I have to do to get its reliability back?

GUN: 2017 19.3, KKM Barrel/Comp, ATEI milling, RM06, Overwatch DAT, SCD

AMMO: Prior to its first malfunction, it has run seven different 115gr factory loads as well as three 124gn factory loads. The primary load I run with it is Speer Lawman 124gr which accounts for about 80% of ammo.

MAINTENANCE: Lubed every 500 RSA is changed out every 3K. All other springs were changed out at 10K
If your POI hasn't changed using the iron sights the problem must be in your RMR which is not unheard of.
Pretty sure that's not what he's saying.

Xhado - look for wear spots on your barrel lockup points (barrel, ejection port, locking block, and takedown bar). It may be as simple as a cracked locking block (they are a wear item) or badly worn takedown bar.
You might as well check for dings in the muzzle crown too, but it doesn't really sound like that's the problem.