Kinda Odd Question on Concealed Carry when you know you are gonna’ have to remove clothing...

I need to start bringing my J frame home from work for just this kind of thing, but I really really dislike pocket carry. Maybe its the Mika holster I have or me being a skinny dude that makes it hard I'm not sure.

I have been observed one thing that there is another way to survive is that not to show these moves to anyone.
Just another vote for keeping it on because they never insist on being in the room when you disrobe to put on the gown.

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Depends on the type of visit, and for some having weapons on you is contra-indicated.

If just a regular Dr visit, this is very much a NPE area which requires covert carry, not just concealed carry. Different guns, different holsters, different concealment positions may be required.

You absolutely do not want to get made and thus jeopardize your ability to be a client there.

What about a dentist visit? Lying back in the chair presents challenges, too, such as cover garments riding up or coming open. How about a pocket gun falling out, or being noticed when the pocket opening flares open and that dentist person is sitting there real close to you.

Again, these are COVERT carry situations, not concealed.

You also absolutely cannot a mishap: gun falls out of the clothing, ND, forget the gun, etc., all of which have happened. Even to “professionals”.

Leaving it in the car unsecured is dumb dumb dumb. If you have to, then a lockbox, but it better be hard for a bad guy to rip the box of the tether or mount, or it’s just the illusion of security.

Bring a backpack, preferably one of those non MIL/LE looking ones with the secret pistol compartment that is between two sheets of stiff foam. Have pocket litter type stuff in the backpack to sell it should you need to.

When it’s time to disrobe, put the holstered pistol, etc in the backpack. The pistol stays in the holster 100% of the time. Unnecessary holstering/unholstering contibutes to to negative outcomes.

If you need a more secure area to jock up/down, do so in one of the family restrooms that you can be the sole occupant of, and lock. This also works for jocking up/down at the airport or other such areas.

BTW, how many people know how to control their pistol when using a shitter? Several ways to do this that are better than others, and you have to know them if you are going to live the armed lifestyle.
At the doctors office I’m generally alone if I’m asked to disrobe and I’ll just wrap my holster in my T-shirt and place it on the chair.
I was extremely reluctant to do this, simply because the gun is out of my immediate control and conceivably (but highly unlikely) could be found/handled by someone else. Although it did occur to me as an option.

This is where I opt for pocket carry J Frame or leave it in the car.

Recovering for a torn meniscus this year required a few orthopedic visits, MRI, X-ray, etc. No way to work pocket carry. Had to leave clothes and bags unattended short term.

I have to leave my gun in the car several times a week / month while visiting courthouses. NC (and I assume most states) does not allow CCW in government buildings for non-LEO. It’s not ideal but I have good hiding spots in the car. Quite a few places to jam a snubbie or average pistil waaaaay up under seat frames or under beneath the spare tire area in back. Places where even a determined thief will not likely have inclination or time to loom in a heavy traffic area. I think this is safer than a lockbox.

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It's illegal to carry in a doctor's office in my state without "authorization of the employer." Theoretically, if I were to do so, I would do as others suggest and wrap it in my clothes. I've never had to disrobe in front of anyone, and I keep my clothes next to me, so I don't see this as being a huge issue.

If I knew I would have to disrobe in front of someone, I'd probably choose some form of off body carry like a vertx bag. All of this is theoretical of course.
One of the best reasons for every woman to own a concealed carry purse. Not for purse carry per se, but to have a discreet place to stash a gun when wardrobe doesn't allow.

Or, you know, arrange your trip to be least risk possible and don't carry your gun. In many settings, pepper spray and even some fixed blade knives are far more acceptable and/or easy to hide.
If I know I’m going to be in a situation like this, I will generally remove gun and holster in my vehicle and put it in a backpack or some other discreet off-body carry method. Then, I can carry it with me while still being able to remove my clothing if required. Then, once I return to my car, I can resume my normal CCW method.