Kinda Odd Question on Concealed Carry when you know you are gonna’ have to remove clothing...

Not that way... like going to the doctor, etc. Where you are gonna’ obviously remove concealment garments.

How many people leave the gun in the car, how many don’t care, and people see the gun and you just address it if it comes up???

Me, I wear the gun to my doc’s office, he’s a great guy, and pro 2A, and he doesn’t care that I’m armed. Other places, I typically leave it in the car.

Thanks in advance, I struggle with this and I’m curious if others do.



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Situations like this are why I've been giving pocket carry a serious look. It's not my favorite method of carry, but it's better than opting out entirely in situations where IWB won't work, but you don't want to go without in the environment you'll be in.

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I keep a Ruger LCP II in the car for when I can't IWB carry somewhere. Just slip it in my pocket and no body is the wiser. Great deep concealment option for those situations where you can't print.
In the car....unsecured? A lot of guns we recover where I work start their journey to us in exactly this way.
In a locked glovebox. Not extremely concerned with crime in my area, but have kids that get in and out of my car. Mainly for that reason.
So I’ve thought about it and can’t think of a time it’s been an issue I couldn’t find a work around. I carry AIWB with a button up shirt or T-shirt as the cover garment.

At the doctors office I’m generally alone if I’m asked to disrobe and I’ll just wrap my holster in my T-shirt and place it on the chair.

I can see it being more challenging if you wear outside the waist band and use a vest or jacket as a cover garment. In that case I’d excuse myself to the rest room and remove the holster wrapping it in the cover garment.

I’m not sure this helps at all but it’s a good question. I’ve just never been concerned or thought of it.

I don’t trust the lockers at the local water park so that’s one place I don’t carry a firearm. Knives are still good.
So, I'm an IWB at appendix guy. My normal question is if I have to remove a shirt (cover garment) IN FRONT OF SOMEONE, so I can't wrap it in what I just took off.


Frankly, I'm really not a fan of having the weapon off my person, unbeknownst to anyone, and out of my secure control. That doesn't seem like a good way to go. Esp say if you are oriented (massage) where you can't see either the gun or the person(s) in the room.

I've asked people about this and they say they just say "I have a carry permit" when the people see the gun inside their waistband". I don't want to scare or excite anyone.... so, hence my curiosity on what others do.

I’m sorry I’ve never been in a situation aside from boot camp where someone told me to undress and demanded to stay in the room.

I guess your concern can only be addressed by not carrying a gun. Unless you want to keister it during your massage?
A good vehicle vault may be the best option.
I guess if it wasn’t expected you didn’t want to ask them to leave the room you could just politely inform them you’re armed and don’t want to alarm them. They then have every right to ask you to leave or place the weapon in your vehicle.
I keep it in a vehicle vault under and tethered to my driver's seat when I go to non-permissive environments like a doctor's office or my place of employment. Too much hassle otherwise, especially if I'd have to start switching guns and carry methods. I figure that if anything happened it would be the time to improvise and flee the area anyway.
I had a doctor ask me if I could leave it at home (this is after she saw my badge too), I simply told her that I am required by my employer to be armed when not intoxicated and that I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I left it at home and had to watch someone be victimized while knowing I could have done something if I had the right equipment with me. She never brought it up again.

The crazy part is, I googled her before I started using her. She’s mentioned by name in an article for having treated victims in the immediate aftermath of one of the attacks in Europe while she was vacationing. She was the last person I figured would not understand why I was armed.


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JB1, had something similar and had to explain none of their signs meant jack shit and that officers carry anywhere they can legally go in public, period. Nurse was fine with it, but corporate ass covering ...

My primary doc was a reserve cop and EMT in med school and used to rock a vest and his S&W all the time doing so. HIS staff have no issues and a few even ask me advice... :)