Keep Killing Comtacs


My Comtacs are dead again, third time now in about a year.

I clean the interiors after use but tend to sweat a lot during longer classes and I think I'm soaking the circuitry.

Anyone had a similar issue?


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I honestly can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I had the same issue. Reached out to them and I think they sent me a label and fixed them without an extreme amount of time.

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I've been running the Howard Leight Impact Sport headphones for about 1.5 years. I live in Florida and shoot matches at least once per month, so far no failures (I figure I sweat a normal amount for an adult male living in the swamp). I should note I only use them for noise amplification/hearing protection, I don't have any experience using them for communications.


I had an issue were my comtacs continuously ate batteries, even while off, a new set would last a few days. I reached out and the first person told me the only way to service them was through the retailer I bought them from, which was impossible through the distributor I got them from then I finally got a guy over there that set me up with a return.

They made me pay for the repairs, which was not cheap and after a lengthy phone conversation in which I learned more than enough about peltor/3M, I ate the repair, got them back and sold them. I got a set of AMPs and are very pleased with them.