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with the new snubby lessons modcast up just a short time ago I thought it would be cool to start a new thread.

I was able to pick up a Smith & Wesson 64-2 from GB a few days ago. I was actually looking for a 3” or maybe even just a heavy barrel 4” model 10 when this little guy caught my eye. This is my first 2” K frame and so far I like of like it. I am working on make a holster for it because all I have at the moment are holsters for my 4” guns.

The grips have some nicks and aren’t pretty and there is some small surface rust spots here and there along with some scratches, but I wanted a carry/ shooter so it doesn’t really matter to me.

If I’m reading my 3rd addition Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson correctly then this little fellow was built in late in 1983. It’s still nice and tight and will hopefully serve me for many years.

I just painted the front sight red, so that my old eyes can actually see it, so hopefully I can find a load that it likes to shoot and start carrying it as my EDC.

My JM Custom Kydex K frame holster is for a 4” gun so I whipped up a leather AIWB holster to use in the meantime.
the picture of it in my waistband was from the original mounting DCC clips that I used. However they wouldn’t hold the gun to my belt after I moved around and then the whole holster would sometimes come out with the gun on my draw. So I put on a belt loop instead.


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Pat Tarrant

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Interesting little holster!
I have been floating through a couple K and L frames to try to figure out what's right (answer, J and I Frames are apparently right for me....) and currently have a 15-3 I'm working on.


Made a new holster for my 64-2 2” and just finished it up yesterday. I am hoping the DCC clips work, but if they don’t I will just put on pull the dot loops like I did on the prototype. I reenforced the mouth of the holster better than on the first one so it should help support it better and hopefully not allow the DCC clips to slip off the belt. I am currently wearing it around the house seeing what works and what doesn’t. I think I will add a pillow or pad to it just for a little comfort.

I wanted kind of an old school looking holster so that’s why I chose to stamp it with basketweave. I know it cant been seen but I will know it’s cool, haha.

I may end up getting a grip adapter and going back to the magna grips that it came with the Smith, I haven’t decided yet.

I had to file down the front sight to get it to hit with 158 gr swc, and 148gr wc because neither one was even close. It hit about 4-6 inches low at 15 yards. It’s crazy to think this gun is 40 years old and no one ever got it sighted in! I tried 120 gr federal punch and it was way low. So I think I will stick with wadcutters and semi wadcutters as carry ammo.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with it so far and I will see how this holster works with it.



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