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J's Practice Journal and Findings

Discussion in 'Training Journal' started by Bangout, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Bangout

    Bangout Amateur


    Glock 17 with grip modifications.
    Factory trigger that is terrible for some reason. Way worse than my 19 and other issues 22s.
    Overwatch trigger coming in tomorrow
    250 rounds

    I moved my grip slightly further around to the right giving myself more trigger finger. I also began squeezing harder with my strong hand ring and pinky finger.

    Started with slow fire B-8 at the 30 yard line. First target the group wasn't bad but it was too the left. Same thing with my next 10 shot group. I moved my sights one click over to the right. Shot a 94 with no particular grouping to one side or the other.

    Worked on bill drills with cadence. The front sight really came back into place when squeezing with my bottom fingers more. A-zone bill drill with .35second splits from the 10 yard line consistently. I ran a few with .25 splits and kept them all in the A-zone but the group opened up. Moved to 18 yard bill drill. .75 second splits where consistent. I sped it up and started anticipating recoil.

    Set up A zone targets at the 1 at the 10, 2 at the 20 and 1 at the 30. Worked on transitions in different orders. Splits were around .85 - 1.

    Still not comfortable with the draw after changing my grip.
    Still have to get used to squeezing with my bottom fingers.
    Need to work on drawing the gun to my face without moving my head.
  2. Bangout

    Bangout Amateur

    Glock 17 W/ OP TAC Trigger
    Trigger is much smoother than my factory trigger, but it isn't a hell of a lot different pull wise than my 19 trigger. It may be the flat face but it when I dry fire the sight does not move at all.

    Didn't have much time, but had to get out and try the new trigger.

    Slow fire started off sucky. There was not a real distinct trigger wall like I'm used to. It is more of a smooth pull and it goes off. I like it, but I have to get used to it. I ended up moving my grip back to the way it way it was and it seemed steadier. I think I'm going to be good with my regular grip with the flat trigger.

    I shot a few slower bill drills probably .75 at 12 yards. Kept all rounds but 2 in a 3 inch circle. Trigger really felt good on those.
  3. Bangout

    Bangout Amateur

    At this time I've shot 2 USPSA matches in limited with my glock 17. I ended up ahead of a few B guys and I think all the C's. Probably a high C right now. My times are slow but I've had good hits except for a couple times I freaked out on the beep. Came in 23 out of 61. One stage I hit 3 no shoots that didn't help. I have shot 1 steel challenge. I seem to be a little better at steel than I am at USPSA. Steel match came in 8th out of probably 50 people.

    Glock 17 W/ OP TAC Trigger

    Back at home later on that night.
    I worked on my draw some more bringing the gun to my eye instead of moving my head like I used to.
    Put up 3 1/10 size USPSA targets and worked on transitions with a cadence.
  4. Bangout

    Bangout Amateur

    I've been playing with a grip a lot to improve recoil and it has kind of fucked me up on my accuracy. I was consistently getting low 90's on B-8 at 25 but now its gotten much worse. I put the OP Tac Trigger with the NP3 connector. I am not a fan of the flat trigger. It cause me to pull a lot of shots to the right, which has never been a problem. I put my stock trigger back in with the NP3 connector. Much smoother than before. I will probably get the Falix Trigger when its back in stock.

    Put old trigger back in and shot slow fire. I also put a taller front sight to try to make it completely point of aim point of impact. That seemed to help where I was shooting about 2 or 3 inches high. Didn't shoot any noticeably to the right.
    I had 3 A-zone targets at the 25. I worked on moving my focus from the sight to the next target and back to the sight on transitions. This was a lot faster then watching the sight and moving the sight while trying to focus on the sight.

    Broke my draw into stages and worked .3 seconds from hands above shoulders to getting a grip. Then .7 seconds from gripping the gun to pointing at the target. did this about 25 times each. Then did the whole draw working at 1.20 to 1.10. I have to get faster. Not sure if the ALS system is slowing me down but the 1.10's were about as fast as I can go. A few years ago I was able to make hits on 8 inch steel at 7 yards in under 1.10 consistently but now it seems to be more in the 1.30's.

    Steel challenge coming up on the 11th
  5. Bangout

    Bangout Amateur

    3-12-17 Steel Challenge
    Shot the local steel challenge match. ended up 12 out of about 35. I was 8th out of 40+ in the last match. I did improve on my times on a few stages, but absolutely blew 2 runs on one stage that cost me 8th place again. I was anticipating recoil and missed a several shots. Right or wrong, I loosened my strong hand grip and held tighter with my weak hand. That helped with the anticipation at the time. I will say this, my transitions were better than last time. I shot mid B and high C times. Need to work on my draw some more. Since competitive shooting is starting to be something I'm really into, I'm getting a Glock 34. I already ordered a blade tech holster. Hopefully this will knock off a 10th or 2 10th's of a second on my draw. Currently using safariland ALS. Draws in practice are about 1.3 - 1.5. Not sure what they are in actual competition. Ready to get back to practicing.
  6. Bangout

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    Seekins Lower W/A5 stock and Geissele G2 trigger
    SOLGW 12.5 Upper
    Aimpoint H-1

    There is a 2 gun match on the 26th that I'm shooting in with one of my friends. He is new to shooting and recently bought a SOLGW 16 inch rifle with Sig 1-6 optic.
    Worked on stance a proper positioning while coming up on target from low ready and making A zone hits and using the safety properly. We moved on to bill drills and driving the rifle back to the center of the target. Then worked on target transitions by shooting box drills. Finally ran figure 8 drills at the 25, 15 and 7. Training went pretty well.

    Equipment Glock 17

    Started with 25 yard slow fire on B-8. Scored a 94 with 2X I had one shot low in the 8 ring that I called. Finally feel like I have my shit together again. I have been struggling while trying to change my grip. I got away from torqueing in at the top of the gun and focused on gripping harder with my weak hand. When I did that everything kind of went to shit. I now squeeze really hard with my weak hand while torqueing in and that seems to help.
    I moved on to firing rounds when the buzzer went off. I started off ok but then started dumping round. I then would dry fire 5 times and shoot 1 live round. That seemed to help. I need to spend more time dry firing that drill.
    Ran the figure 8 drill several times using 5, 10, 15, and 25 yard lines.
    Finished with Fast Drill a few times. My reloads and draw were sucking. I ran it clean just under 6 second on my 3rd try. Had a miss on the head shot the first 2 times.

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