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Discussion in 'Training Facilities' started by ptrlcop, Feb 12, 2018.

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    My PD is hosting a lot of training this year. Many of the courses are closed to LE by the instructor but when content allows it will be open enrollment.

    Feel free to contact me with questions about the area. We may also have a fall Snipercraft Basic and will have Performance on Demand Shooting for at least one class.

    Here is the lineup so far:

    ALS Less Lethal Instructor April 10-12

    Tap-Rack Tactical Basic SWAT April 16-20
    Tap-Rack Tactical SWAT Team Leader April 23-25
    Tap-Rack Tactical LE NVG User April 26-27

    Snipercraft Basic LE Sniper May 7-11

    Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Pistol Fundamentals Aug 17-18

    Centrifuge Training VCQB Sept 4-5

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  2. ptrlcop

    ptrlcop Established

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