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I'm moving to the Jackson area this summer.

I shoot USPSA, IDPA, a little 3-gun, rimfire and steel.

What are the prospects for local clubs, state/region championships, shooting ranges, and training?

I hunt everything as well.
Does anyone know where the public ranges are that I can practice?
Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club in Byram, MS is a very nice facility and hosts numerous types of competitions. Boondocks in Raymond, MS hosts IDPA one Sunday per month and offers a lot of training classes. Some classes are taught by Boondocks employees, but they also bring in people from out of town. I've taken classes from Tom Givens and Dave Spaulding there, but they've hosted a number of other people.

About 30 minutes northeast of Jackson (up the Natchez Trace), the Mississippi Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks owns the Turcotte Shooting Range. This is the closest range to my house and where I shoot the most. They have pistol (50 yards), rifle (300 yards), and sporting clays. Until last month, you could buy a yearly pass for $40. Now the price is $15 per day. $40 was too cheap, but $15 per day is much too high. Sometimes I shoot 2x per week, and if they don't the lower price before next year, I'll probably look into getting a membership at Magnolia in Byram, even though it's much farther from my house.

Regarding hunting, there's a Wildlife Management Area adjacent to Turcotte. I've never hunted there, but it would be a relatively convenient public land option for you. You can also take the Mississippi concealed carry permit class at Turcotte. Mississippi has a three tier permit system, and if you take the CCW class, there are very few places where you can't carry a pistol (court rooms, jails, post-office, places of nuisance, maybe a couple of others).


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Boondocks brings in good instructors fairly often. The Armory in Ridgeland is an awesome gun shop, and most of their staff is more switched on than the average place. They might could help you find some places to shoot also.