J Frame Revolver Holster Recommendations


I have a S&W 340PD which is my EDC during hot summer months. I am currently using a Sticky holster but am quickly outgrowing it as it has a tendency to shift during heavy sweat. What IWB holsters do you guys run with your J Frames?


+1 for the city special. Phenomenal holster, super easy to carry and has a ton of features that are really well thought out.


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Will the DCC Clips work with the city special?

They will if you buy the model with the correct screw hole arrangement. I don't have mine with me but if you contact them they should be able to help you out.

Current favorite is the City Special with the DCC clip and a chunk of a hockey puck velcroed to the trigger portion of the holster as a kind of RCS wedge. Works in everything including gym shorts and sweats. Will also use the BFG pocket holster to carry it as my on duty BUG in a support side holster. Also tend to ankle carry it around the holidays when I'm going shopping as my G34 or G19 will ride AIWB. The galco ankle holster with the additional calf strap is my tried and true ankle holster.


I carry J Frames 80% of the time. Prefer the TT Gunleather KX Lightweight or IWB with loops or Mike's Special. The holsers are slim, sit deep, secure, and reasonably comfortable.

I use a Wilderness Tactical Renegade (elastic not leather) for ankle carry when dressed business casual.

Mika or DeSantis Superfly for pocket carry

Check out TT Gunleather.


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Since this thread has been revived a little bit, I'll chip in. Due to a couple annoying injuries (thanks to work and BJJ) I've been really lazy over the last year and I've been pocket carrying a J frame most of the time. If I'm not pocket carrying in a BFG UltraComp or a Mika's Holster, I'm carrying appendix(ish) in a Veil Solutions Ghost holster. I'd recommend all of them, depending on one's needs.