Is there a better measure of 'combat fitness' for a tactical team than this?

Minimum standards:
  1. Double bodyweight deadlift.
  2. Standing Overhead Press with 75% of bodyweight on the bar.
  3. Chin-ups-12 minimum
  4. 400 meters in 75 seconds or less.

It's from Mark Rippetoe, and he's talking about soldiers, but I'm scratching my head to come up with a better metric for a LE tactical team. (I'd argue it's a more appropriate for LE than MIL, as Rippetoe's bias against aerobic training shows in the lack of a run or ruck march.)

It's easily measured, can be trained for, rewards those with lean body mass and high relative strength, and doesn't have anything that's technique driven or requires specific practice (ie kb snatch tests).

For the deadlift is it a ORM or are you going for 3 Rep? I know part of the RAW assessment for the 75th RGR (as of 2016 at least) included a 3 Rep max deadlift on a hex bar.