Is the dot supposed to be windage centered?

I've got a 17 with an ATEi milled slide with GL429 sights installed by Doug. I got the dot zeroed today and it's shooting POA/POI at 25 yards. However, when I look through the irons the dot is just left of the front sight post. Now I know not to use the irons in conjunction with the dot, but it irks me that everything isn't centered. The irons are good to go. Even amounts of dovetail on either side of the rear sight and the front is perfectly straight. Everything I've found on this subject says they're two different planes and may or may not be perfectly aligned. Is this true? Should my dot be windage centered or is it something I just have to deal with?

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It's not the end of the world of they don't line up, but if anything it sounds like your irons aren't zeroed. Centered on the slide doesn't necessarily mean that they are actually in alignment with the point of impact, so I'd turn your dot off, shoot your irons, and see where they print at 25. Adjust as necessary.
In any case, don't mess with the dot to make it line up with the irons, that's like adjusting the guidance system of a nuclear submarine so it agrees with Google maps.


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I have two Glocks with RMR's done by ATEi... On one, the irons (Ameriglo suppressor) and the dot are close to the same, on the other they are not. I zeroed the RMR's and irons on both guns independently. AR's with reflex sights and BUIS tend to be the same way. This is my experience.


They are different sighting systems. They may or may not line up. But as long as you are hitting what you aim at with each system, them being lined up is irrelevant since they aren't a co witness system.
Awesome stuff, thanks so much guys. I always thought you just slapped irons on and were g2g. Gonna see where they print this weekend hopefully.