IR Pointer

I fly an EMS helicopter and we fly goggled up at night. I use to use a laser pointer on the ground to sweep for power lines and wires (the wire will sparkle when hit with a red laser) It works but isn't great. Id really like to get a IR pointer, but I don't want to carry or buy a Dbal etc.. Does anyone know of a compact IR pointer. It would also be nice to lasso areas to point them out to the crew in back.

I'd like to ask a question so I understand the details of the need. Why do you want to go IR? Normally, they are only used for covert purposes, but I gather that this is never secret, so there's not that downside to visible lasing.

If about aircrew being under NODs, those are image intensifiers, and can see visible lasers just fine.

Is there something else going on about how the laser hits the wires, etc. I am not getting?

Also: If to be carried, not mounted, yes you want something like the IZLID as it's a cylinder so easier to grab and point. I'd also think you want the most power, so it is certainly worth looking into getting agency purchase of such a device.
If an izlid isn't a possibility check out, they have a variety of laser pointers in various colors/spectrums. Some claim to be "specifically designed for rotary wing aviation" not my lane so I won't comment. What came to my mind when I read your post was their flat beam lasers designed for trip wire detection which I have used myself to good effect.