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Does anyone know of an white light/IR laser equipped pistol light that’ll work in a ALS Safariland holster that was ordered for the Glock SF X300/Streamlight combo? Trying to go with IR on our pistols but trying to avoid ordering all new holsters.


X300v works in x300 holsters, but it doesn’t do white light or IR exceptionally well. What makes you want a dual spectrum light over a dedicated white or IR light?

I’ve used the x300v in training and wouldn’t take it over my 1000 lumen x300 that’s currently sits on my duty pistol, especially if I was primarily using the white light to perform entrys/searches.

Under what real world conditions would you be switching from white to IR in the middle of the event?

It’s also my understanding that modlite is coming out with a pistol light that will be compatible with all of their heads(including IR) and x300 duty holsters.

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I have a streamlight TLR VIR ii and it works great. It should be compatible with TLR-1 holsters and therefore compatible with X-300 holsters.