Invictus Specialities Inc.


At Invictus Specialities, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Every individual, or organisation, has specific requirements and budgets.

Our sole purpose is to help individuals and organisations to achieve those requirements within their budget.

How we do it is really quite simple. We sit down with our clients, discuss their requirements, and then offer them a choice of solutions within their budget.

We do however have one stipulation. We will never offer a solution that we would not be prepared to use ourselves.

We recommend and sell only those brands that we know will work, either from personal experience, or on the recommendation of respected subject matter experts.

To allow us to do this, we have sought out products, and entered into partnerships, with a number of leading manufacturers and service providers.




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Recently met up with Mark at SHOT Show. A fine gentleman and very knowledgeable in the field.