Introductions Part 3


Hi i'm Bjorn from Cape Town, South Africa! I'm an avid firearms owner and enjoy attending courses/training! I'm a Volunteer Wildland Firefighter as well as a newly qualified Police Reservist with the South African Police Service (SAPS)!


I was previously g19leo, but I had a problem with my account. My new bio isn't much different from the original one, but here goes:

LE since 1998. I work for a county police department in the National Capital Region. Currently I work at my department’s academy, in the Firearms Training Unit. I work as a full time firearms instructor and armorer. I'm an armorer for: Glock, LE Shotgun, bolt action sniper rifle and AR's. AR training has come from: Colt, Defensive Edge/Sully, SOLGW and SOTAR


Long time listener/ lurker, first time caller. Active Duty USCG, just doing the Armory thing. Outside of that, trained so far with Dark Angel Medical, the Practically Tactical crew out at Alliance (Went in 2017, got to train under Joe Weyer and Chappy) and also at Ridgeline in Dalton, NH in 2020. Have done some informal stuff with Academi at the Salem, CT location.

For non-defensive gun stuff I'm pursuing the CMP High Power and Centerfire badges. Hopefully get back to it after this deployment.



Hey I'm Alexander.

I’m the Vortex Optics NGSW-FC project manager. I’m also a former Navy guy and did a little work in the greater DC area.

I’m an amateur PRS shooter, and dabble in 3-gun, USPSA, and other local competitions. I try to fit in training classes for practical rifle, practical pistol, and NVG work when I can.
Greetings…full-time LEO administrator from FL that started out in the mid-00’s, 14+ years SWAT entry/sniper, former EMS. Instructor and armorer and big into getting my guys trained and supported for doing the hard work.
My name is John, just a regular guy who enjoys shooting and nerding out on gun/shooting tech. I don’t work in the industry. I’m not mil/leo. Recent transplant to East TN from the Metro Detroit area and looking forward to learning on this forum.

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