Introductions Part 3

Been in LE for about 2 years, I help out with firearms instructions and training, I’m also going to training to be our departments certified AR15 armorer next month. I’ve built several rifles from the detent up and love testing and learning about new firearm related gear.


Hey. I like guns. I like building ARs especially. Been doing that since "the ban" lifted. Made plenty of mistakes along they way and learned a few things too. Casual competitor in IDP type events. Got turned on to this place via SOTAR. For some reason I find his sultry smooth voice and cool hand on the gauges intoxicating as I use his YouTube videos to lull me into a deep slumber each night. Nothing better than a good BCG physical....... Current IT Exec, former motorcycle roadracer and on track instructor and holder of several black belts.


Hello, Donavan here. I enjoy tactical training, firearms, backpacking, jiu jitsu, and wetshaving. Current physical therapist and deputy for local sheriff's office in coastal Mississippi. I've been on the various Facebook groups for some time, but just getting around to joining the forum. Looking forward to absorbing as much knowledge as possible.
Hey guys, names Aaron. Texan born and raised currently in the SA area. Worked in the oil patch since I was 16. Love firearms and martial arts. Listening to this podcast is one of the reasons I got into training. Since then I’ve trained with Givens, Langdon, Jedi, Green Ops, Complete Combatant and Tim Reedy. Here to stay humble and learn.


Victor here in Tampa, FL (... since , I guess there is one in Colorado & Kansas), but anyway... I'm down here in the south. Other than having one of the ongoing best Governor, we have a pretty strong community of like minded individuals, a lot because of the weather and also the "Presence" Military and Veterans pool to pull from. Great to be here


Hey y'all, I'm Nate. I'm an active duty Marine, currently serving in a training role in Iowa. Will be transitioning out of the service in the next 6 months. I've dabbled in USPSA, some precision rifle stuff, and try to attend a few training courses a year. Been a member on here and the Facebook pages for a little while now, figured I would finally get around to posting an introduction. Glad to be here!


Hi all!

My name is Brant. I've been a shooter since elementary school, and have worked in the firearms industry here in PA for a decade now. Currently working at a firearms manufacturer as a product line lead.

I was active in the Facebook group until I decided to unplug from most social media. It's good to be back!


Been on here for a while, but don't recall if I introduced myself. I spent time in the Army, was priveleged to work with some of the finest combat and competitve shooters in the world. So I learned the value of training and dry-fire. I'm a firm believer in both. Currently working and a graduate student for applied statistics.



Retired military (USAF). I've developed a lifetime of bad shooting habits. I enjoy most outdoor pursuits, which also led me to learning to handload ammunition. When there are components available.....

I signed up to learn more and hopefully improve my skills. While I've been shooting for 45 years, I've only recently started carrying concealed and definitely need to improve my carry game and defensive pistol skills. (I'm old enough that I still think a DA revolver is state of the art and sometimes wonder if it's too soon to switch over from single actions.) I don't do Facebook, Facetime, or any social media (unless this counts as social media).
Parshooter here. Retired golf professional that loves to send lead downrange. Been a fan and follower of SOTAR since around 2013? Moved away from that neck of the woods, but still following on IG. Went to the SOTAR site to see if I could ask a question there and found the link to here. I have some reading to do, I may find the answer to my question...
Hello! New add but followed the site for quite awhile. Recently retired from the Army. Last 12 years worked for Some Fellas that do fun things. 19 years as LE entirely too close to the city of Chicago. Just trying to get through life without screwing it up too bad