Introductions Part 2


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Former USMC 0311, one uneventful pump to Helmand Province. Always thought the training we got was very poor when it came to individual employment of weapons. Stockmaker for give years, currently working and studying in the supply chain management field.

Been following various P&S pages and personalities on Facebook for a while, and just started listening to the podcast. The wealth of information has been truly staggering, and has caused me to take a serious look at my shortcomings. Instead of dropping money on more gear, I decided to invest in a Mantis X3 and a Dry Fire Mag, and really work on improving my skills with what I have.
Hey all, Patrick here - Civ, Technical consultant. Been into firearms as long as I can recall, most of friends and family are LEO or Military. This past year started to get serious about training and learning.

Excited to learn new things and absorb knowledge here.
I'm Andy from Utah I enjoy target shooting, hunting, and all things having to do with animals, nature, wildlife, and the great outdoors in all the amazing areas in my awesome home state and beyond.

I spent a couple years in the arms industry on the product management and marketing side of manufacturing and distribution where learned a lot listening to prior and current LE and military guys about what they expect and hope for out of their tools and then trying to make those expectations and hopes into reality. I really enjoyed that work and I miss being around it. I switched gears on my vocational career when I started a business offering my services to the public as a professional dog obedience trainer and instructor so I am not as close to that industry as I once was but I still try to pay attention to what's going on there.

A couple weeks ago I bought some gear from a local guy DJ who turned me on to the site and community. I am hoping to learn from folks here to improve my practice habits and skills as well as keep my ear to the ground on local training offerings and stay current on the state of the arms industry. I miss being around that stuff every day so I am trying to be more deliberate about practicing and competing that way I don't end up sloppy or behind the times.
Atticus. Former engineering student, big box store gun counter employee, one-time bottom tier 3 gun shooter, and a guy who’s had his door kicked in while he was home. Engineering wasn’t the career path for me, but I like using the things it taught me to analyze the real world medical emergencies and defensive shootings that I learn about to improve my skills and inform my decisions.
Ben, active RNLMC for close to 19yrs.
Spread between infantry and instructor jobs.
Yes I'm from the Netherlands, no I'm not Dutch (derived from deutsch, which means German).
I've been reading the forums and watching modcasts for quite some time now, so this is long overdue.
Here to confirm / correct what I (think to) know. Gain new insights and maybe contribute some knowledge from this side of the pond.
Greg, Civilian gun owner looking for more training. All the craziness going on now, I should know more and be better prepared. I enjoy the mechanical part of firearms as much as shooting. Central Florida now from Illinois, Missouri, and Idaho.
Lots of respect for Law Enforcement and Military!


Long time listener, first time caller. Long and storied background in out of hospital medicine, rescue, periods of fire suppression, professional gun toter, and a few other jobs. Spent some time working in the gun industry from sales to purchasing and promotion to product design/development, etc with hard and soft goods. Perpetual student with many of the nationally known names, avid reader of fiction and non-fiction in an effort to expand knowledge, creativity, and mindset. Trying to improve my position every day.
My family has had guns since before I was born. They actually were mounted on the walls to be looked at and admired by anyone. Now I still have but don't use the old 2 and 3 gun wood racks and the metal single gun display hooks. Just can't get rid of cause they belonged to Dad. Any way my current interest is the AR-15. I always want the finer details and straight advise. Hope I can be a good guy.
Howdy. Lots of familiar people here from the book face and other places over the years. I've never really been on the forum but looking to get away from Facebook and youtube into something more likely to be around for a while.

Anyway, enough about that. I'm Tony, I have some previous military experience, and I travel occasionally looking for good food to eat.
Hey all,

I’ve been shooting all my life, worked firearms retail off and on for the last 15 years including 5 as a gunsmith, I also previously worked for a manufacturer based in southern Utah as an armorer/ atf compliance/ cerakote, and currently working for a AS9001D certified aerospace mfg in cache valley as well as a lgs part time.
Hello from N.E. Georgia. Enjoy all expensive hobbies that can get you hurt or maimed if mess them up. Too much to put in an introduction but as time goes by you will either like me or hate me, seldom are people ambivalent. Hope to learn and possibly share some knowledge as get to know folks around here.