Introductions Part 2

US Army MP 1989-1993. NC LEO 1995 - present...retire June 30, 2020. I‘ve worked a lot of assignments...patrol, dabbed in narcotics and detective but the best assignment was motors. Currently assigned as agency training coordinator and primary firearms instructor.
Kent, long time Firearms enthusiast, but just recently started taking shooting and learning seriously the past 5 or so years ago. A handful of locally instructed classes under my belt. Started shooting local competitions a year ago. Enjoy all things P&S, and look forward to continue my journey.
15+ years in manufacturing quality assurance & quality management systems. I make sure that shit gets done correctly. President of a local gun club with the goal to educate, train and equip my circle for the defensive use of firearms. I'm here to pick up information from a source with a better signal to noise ratio.
Hey everybody. I'm younger than most but eager to learn and sharpen my knowledge on things this group is based around. EMT, currently in college, and open minded. Have taken medical training with various groups but have yet to attend a carbine/pistol course due to money and the current situation in the world.


Network Support II
Hi, everyone. My names Mike. And I'd like to say thank you. I am an ordinary earth person and I've been a sponge for years, lurking, and soaking up knowledge here and on the podcasts. I truly appreciate what has been done here, and decided I needed to finally introduce myself and join patreon to support the good work and information that keeps being brought forth.
Rich; Civilian at local Police Dept. 4 years of prior Security background. Follower of Primary and Secondary for a few years, primarily as a fly on the wall, taking In is as much information as I can. On the path to become a well rounded shooter and tactician. Enjoy learning about historical firearms to better appreciate modern technology.
Hey guys, I'm Gabe and I am in the cybersecurity/IT field. I found P&S through the modcast and the work you did a while back with inrange. If I'm being compleatly honest with myself I'm an abysmal shot but only been shooting for a few months. Thanks for having a n00b like me.