Introductions Part 2

Joe. Non LE non Mil. Just a regular guy that wants to learn everything I can to give myself the best chance of keeping my two daughters safe. I am a partner and the Operations manager for an oilfield company based out of wester Colorado. I’ve been hook on P&S for about two and a half years and can honestly say that I’ve learned more valuable information through this group than I would have ever thought possible. I try to get everyone I can to at least check out a couple mod cast and that usually gets them hooked. Thanks guys
Hi name is Guy. The ”Handle” is an homage to a friend that passed away. It was his greeting to his friends. Just wanted to get that out of the way first.

I’m just a regular dude that loves shooting and all that goes along with that.

Profession: Trainer. But in a completely different field than this community.

I love to learn and contribute where I can.
Bo, security therapy for a state mental institution. Kinda new to the intricacies of firearm science and engineering. Just built my first AR and now I’m in love with the process and engineering. Starting to really appreciate the benefits in training to protect others and being proficient in the use of firearms.