Introductions Part 2

Will from Ohio. I’m retired AF Security Forces turned self employed clothing manufacturer. I continue to train in my old Eagle kit with my gloves and AR platforms. I enjoy making clothing because we all wear it every single day, so functionality is my main focus when designing a new piece of anything. It’s nice to finally join you all!
Joe. Non LE non Mil. Just a regular guy that wants to learn everything I can to give myself the best chance of keeping my two daughters safe. I am a partner and the Operations manager for an oilfield company based out of wester Colorado. I’ve been hook on P&S for about two and a half years and can honestly say that I’ve learned more valuable information through this group than I would have ever thought possible. I try to get everyone I can to at least check out a couple mod cast and that usually gets them hooked. Thanks guys
Well I had a long intro typed and my computer decided to get all fucky. Walt here. Mil dude (USMC/USAF), former full time current part time LE, gun guy and long time Lightfighter member (bostonmick). See some familiar handles on here! Looking forward to interacting.
Mike. Former USMC 0352, EMT-B certified, SCUBA Divemaster certified, and about to finish my undergraduate in Kinesiology (focus on biomechanics). Excited to absorb some new information and can hopefully contribute meaningful content!